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Static Website Development

A static website runs on HTML that is coded, usually by a website designer or developer. In a static website, every single page -- About, Contact, Home, and so on -- has its own HTML file. Static websites, also called HTML websites, can accomplish many different goals. They are often cheaper than CMSs like WordPress because you do not need to purchase costly themes and plug-ins for them. A web developer can build and optimize a static webpage without the overhead of a CMS.

At XeonBD, we build web pages for our clients from the ground up. We are able to customize every aspect of the webpage using HTML and CSS. From customizing the page and text color to enhancing the footer content, we can ensure the page has a look and feel that best represents your brand. Webpage designers also load rich metadata into the website's back end to boost your findability by search engines. For these reasons, we recommend a static website for the vast majority of our clients.

Our website developers use responsive web design techniques, which resize the web page to fit the screen size accessing the URL. This ensures that all users receive a good user experience (UX) regardless of their device type. In today's age, when many website visitors use a mobile device, this is key to engaging customers and converting leads. With responsive web design, you do not need to create different websites or duplicate your content for mobile users.

Static websites can work very well for most small and medium businesses, who want a website that looks really good and incorporates stylish graphics and powerful content. Because static websites don't do anything complex, they do not take up as much space on a server. This translates to a faster page load time and cheaper web page hosting. Slow web page speed is a major UX offense, and so static web pages can help remedy long wait times.



For people who are starting out in the water saving business

  • Free .com/.net/.org domain
  • Free 150 MB Hosting
  • Unlimited email address
  • Number of Page :06
  • Design Concept sample:01
  • Maximum upload Images: 15
  • Image Gallery: 1
  • Page Content size: 60 KB
  • Flash Banner: 02 picture
  • Menu / POP Up Menu: 05
  • Clear, User-friendly Navigation
  • Web Compatibility
  • W3C standard code
  • Webpage Speed: NO
  • SEO: NO
  • Development Timelines : 7 working days


For all the professionals who'd like to educate others, too

  • Free .com/.net/.org domain
  • Free 500 MB Hosting
  • Unlimited email address
  • Number of Page :18
  • Design Concept sample:03
  • Maximum upload Images: 40
  • Image Gallery: 4
  • Page Content size: 150 KB
  • Flash Banner: 06 picture
  • Menu / POP Up Menu: 15
  • Clear, User-friendly Navigation
  • Web Compatibility
  • W3C standard code
  • Webpage Speed: YES
  • SEO: YES
  • Development Timelines : 21 working days

Additional Add-on:

  • Charges per extra pages: BDT 1000
  • Online Feedback Form: BDT 500
  • Visitor Counter: BDT 500
  • Language Module(Without Bangla): BDT 1000
  • Extra image add: 20 taka per image
  • Extra gallery add: BDT 1000/per gallery
  • Animation banner: BDT 500/Per banner
  • Weather: BDT 500
  • Google Map: BDT 700


  • 1st Training(1.5 hour): Free
  • 2nd Training: BDT 500/per hour (Inside XeonBD)
  • Training: BDT 800/per hour (Outside XeonBD)-After 1st training, if needed.

Payment Procedure:

  • 50% of the total amount has to be paid at the time of placing order.
  • 50% will be paid before providing the source code and full access to the Work delivery.
  • The Client should supply all the text, images or any other required documents to the provider within 3 days of project initiation. Otherwise Project will delay.

Suppoet and offer:

  • The deal will be closed automatically if any client takes more than 15 days to finalize any deal after watching the viewable access (online/offline).
  • Post Sales Support: 1 month
  • Web hosting Startup SSD Economic and domain (.com/.net/.org names) comes FREE for the 1st year. From 2nd year you have to pay the regular price for your hosting and domain.

Features That You’ll Love

static website development

Eye-Catching Design

We make attractive and appropriate designs for your website, understanding your requirements.


Our expert programmers always maintain a clean HTML, CSS, & JavaScript coding structure.

Easy Navigation

We build up the simplest navigation system so that the visitors find everything easily on your site.

Google Standard Coding

We make sure that your website coding is error-free and follows all the coding guidelines of Google.

Responsive Website

We put the best effort on mobile-friednly web design so that your website fits into each and every device.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your website with your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

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