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Whether you need to sell your products, share some big news, or tell a story, our email marketing platform makes it easy to create email campaigns that best suit your message. XeonBD provides you the super effective email marketing platform which can help you to reach your desired customers and grow their business. Our long list of powerful features let you create higher-performing email campaigns in less time.

Emails per month Sending limit/day Max. List Max campaigns Max. subscribers Monthly cost Order Now
500 Unlimited 5 5 1000 FREE Trial
for 10 days
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50,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Order Now
100,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Order Now
200,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Order Now
300,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Order Now

* We do not use to provide any email database with the platform.

Why Email Marketing?

  • companyDirectly reach to the targeted people.
  • Lowest cost with highest benefit.
  • Extensive Marketing Automation.
  • Automate with autoresponders.
  • Segment and target your subscriber lists.
  • Advertising space is not a issue. You can use unlimited space for advertisement.
  • Website address and email address can be linked directly.
  • Email will delivered by using your company email. So you will get any kind of reply in your email from clients.
  • You can increase your sells by email marketing. Beside this your company gets a brand position.
  • Quick response & quick delivery.
  • You can use both picture and text. Beside this, you can use feedback form in email

Why you choose Email Marketing services from XeonBD?

  • Automatically email delivery by Email marketing software.
  • No duplicate email. Our software removes email if it get any duplicate in the email list.
  • 80-90% inbox delivery.
  • Auto generated report for clients (Inbox report, Spam report, Bounce report).
  • XeonBD is pioneer of Email marketing in Bangladesh. So we always maintain our reputation
  • Free consultancy for better advertisement.
  • Cost effective.
  • 1000+ satisfied clients worldwide.
  • Specific Clients area.
  • 24X7 customer support.
  • 1 by 1 email sending system.
  • Load balanced SMTP servers with dedicated IPs
  • Spam and bounce detector
  • Picture can add in body. No need to attachment


User Guide

We have produced a fully documented email marketing solution User Guide.


The emailKoro email marketing solution offers the most complete statistics, whether in terms of distribution results, behavioural data or deliverability.


Deliverability is probably one of the decisive factors in the selection of an email marketing solution. A good campaign requires significant investment, and there's nothing more frustrating than seeing this fail to occur and consequently recording poor results.

Composition of your email

Since it’s been designed as much for web designers as for e-marketeers, the EmailKoro email marketing solution offers you a library of templates and different ways of loading and personalising your HTML email composition.

Distribution list and CRM

The EmailKoro e-mail marketing solution has been developed to use either a simple Excel file or your own CRM system as a data source. All of the personalisation fields you might require can be used.


You don't need technical expertise to install and set up SiteLock for your website. SiteLock is cloud-based and starts scanning your website and email instantly.


Build Campaigns Your Way

Save Time With Flexible Workflows.

Segment and Personalize to Foster Engagement.

Test, Learn, and Drive Stronger Results.

Gain Insight With Actionable, Real-time Analytics.

See the Impact of Proven Deliverability

Choose the Email Platform Your Developers Love.

Gain Insight With Actionable, Real-time Analytics.

API (application programming interface) for powering your application.

Terms & Policies

Terms of Use

The main agreement you're making in order to use EmailKoro

Copyright and Trademark Policy

What to do if you think a EmailKoro user infringed your intellectual property rights.

Acceptable Use

A set of rules about the types of content you can send through EmailKoro.

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